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Nov. 1st, 2007



11/3 - Madison, WI 5:30 pm
Cool Beans Coffee Cafe
1748 Eagan Rd.


Here are the rest of the NE Tour Dates:

11/4 - St. Louis, MO
6pm - Coffee Cartel - #2 Maryland Plaza, St Louis Missouri 63108, 314.454.0000 , Donations
11/5 - Indianapolis, IN
7pm - Lazy Daze Coffeehouse - 10 Johnson Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46219 www.lazydazecoffeehouse.com, Donations
11/6 - Columbus, OH
6:30 pm - Kafe Kerouac - 2250 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201, 614.299.2672, Donations
11/7 - Pittsburgh, PA
6:30 pm - Beehive Coffeehouse - 1327 E Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203, 412.488.4483, Donations
11/8 - at 6 pm - Java Johnny's - 6 Wall St. Rockaway, NJ 07866
11/9 - long island.
11/10 - Boston, MA
6pm - Boston Beanstock Coffee - 97 Salem St., Boston, MA 02113, 617.725.0040, Donations
11/11 - Maine (Am)
11/11 (pm) - Quebec City, QC - no venue yet but it's not in halifax anymore
11/12 - montreal
11/13 - Ottawa
11/14 - Toronto
11/15 - Utica, NY - Utica College
11/16 - Ferndale, MI
7pm - AJ's Café - 240 W. Nine Mile Rd., Ferndale, MI 48220, (248) 399-3946, Donations

Sep. 17th, 2007

.a life deliberate. (part two)

ok so i left off with chris walking in. imediately before and after walking through the front entrance i hear the two girls across from me repeatedly say "oh my god he's soooo cute" i took a look up from my book for a second to look at them then to look over my shoulder. saw it was him and went back to my book and coffee. see, i'm not like the so called "normal" myspace, iGeneration "kid" when it comes to someone with a name behind them. i really could care less of what the person is wearing or how "cute" they might be. and i sure don't treat anyone any different as i do my friends or some random person i meet. cause really. all these people are JUST PEOPLE. it just so happens they have something of theres out there for people to come across. i guess i'm just that way because i do have friends in bands or friends that have great talents, they may not be on ever magazine cover or mtv/vh1 airwave, but they're doing the same damn thing, maybe even better. anyways, back to the story.

So... as i was saying Chris walks in with his Girlfriend and luggage and they meet Rod, the manager. After talking for a few minutes Chris comes over by the small group we have started and sets his things down and gets comfortable, before running to the bathroom. He comes back from the bathroom and decides he'll start a little early. He begins with friendly chatter with all of us, moves to an introduction of the book, and about 20 minutes later he begins to speak his stories of "mayhem and awesomeness". what was cool is that he decided that instead of reading from the book he would do it all on spot. his stories were amazing and so open to all of us. he let himself out there, only proving to us that he's more a person than some may see. the girl in the crowd who would later tell him that he's an "inspiration" to her proves right. the stories he tells, all true and honest, could move anyone to better themselves, rise above the low parts of there life. all i can say is that, if time permitted, i could listen to him talk and tell his stories for hours on end.

After the stories of laughter and sadness and shock, he opened the floor to a Q&A session. not many asked questions but the ones that were asked were entertaining. myself, i asked "what was your first tattoo and why?", go figure haha. well he proceeded the question with laughter, a shake of his head, and a shift in his seat. all i can imagine is this little guy, with a forged signature in hand, pointing up at that eagle on the wall. haha. he later stated that it were to be covered up. so the girl sitting not too far in front of me asked if "the tattoo" he got "over it is the one that looks like a dj scratching". he began to laugh and stated that indeed it was. he continued on with his cover-up story and that the guy who first started it handed chris over to another dude not long after to finish it up. as the new guy was working on his cover-up he stated "man this is going to be one sweet wizard". funny part about that is that it was to be buildings, not a wizard. he then stopped to point at the both of us and lecture us on to "wait before gettting a tattoo, even if it's just for a month make sure it's something you want and means something". little did he know i already have 3 tattoos and they all mean something and WERE planned out.

okay so Q&A proceeded and everything wrapped up so it was time for everyone to donate and buy the books & merch they wanted and then get their pictures in, stories told, and things signed. a line formed by chris so instead of jumping in right away i went over to buy the books that i have not even read, for being his intern you'd think i'd know more about hime, nope. so i bought the books and the older summer tour poster, cause it fit better with my room haha. lame. and then walked over to where the line had formed. another fan of his from the chicago area came over to me and started telling me how they were going to ask Chris and his girlfriend if they'd like to go get somekind of Thai food or something. i don't know if she ever did ask him, i don't recall seeing her after she told me this. anyway, so i'm waiting in line and the girls in front, the same two whom "ga-ga'd" over him, kept talking and talking and talking. i was seriously standing there for about 10 minutes or so as they kept going on and on about something. they finished up with the signatures and pictures and finally stepped away from chris. okay, two down, four to go. so the next two finished up and the last two standing in front of me approached chris. the two in front of me came to be mother and daughter. the daughter, the "inspiration" girl, proceeded to tell chris what she thought of him and where she came from. three years ago this girl couldn't even walk, and now, i believe she said, she goes into mosh pits or something or can easily get hurt if she goes to shows cause of a bone disease she has. "How the hell can i amuse this guy after the story she just gave?" i thought haha. instead of telling him how long i've been straight edge and this and that i decided to just be like "hey, i'm your intern". haha so the following went as goes.

Chris: "hey"
Me: "Hi, I am actually one of your interns."
Chris: "Get out!" he motions his body backwards a bit with a jaw-dropped expression and smile. he reaches out for a hug and damn near takes out the poster i had in my hand haha.
More was said but i don't quite recall, it all went really fast, i know for sure we said a few words about the internship. I rushed him a little cause i had to catch the bus, which was probably 5 minutes away, not even. i felt bad that i just blurted out "i gotta make this quick cause i have to catch a bus" but he took it swell haha. so i got my poster signed, forgot i had my camera in my backpack, so i didn't get a picture but i did recieve another hug before leaving.

so leaving back into the chilly weather i head back down towards water street. i get down to the stop just in time for the bus to pull up. take my seat on the bus, put my headphones on, and listen to Lifetime all the way back up to Oakland and Locust. this is where i meet up with brittnay and jake, the two buddies i'd be staying with that night. both had items from Cold Stone Creamery in hand as they waved to me from across the street. I wait for the walking man to show and head on over by them. We start walking down towards they're apartment. Qdoba mocks me from afar so we step in so i can get a burritto, what will be my 2nd and last meal of the day. we walked around the campus for a while before actually getting to they're apartment. we finally walk in the door and sit our asses on the couch. i get a tour of the one bedroom apartment, which lasted about one minute. again i sit my ass on the couch and we proceed to watch random shows on tv. then, brittnay smells something. it's my feet. i had been walking ALL day in a pair of stinky canvas shoes. now brittnay is very particular when it comes to smells, so she continues to go grab a bottle of febreeze and honestly drenches my socks/feet and shoes, which lay by the front door. the smell is now replaced by an overpowering odor of febreeze. i guess it's better then "sweaty feet" but at least i wasn't getting a headache from my feet, haha.

so as we watch tv we hear a small group of loud civilians in the parking lot. soooo i made my way over to the window facing the parking lot, and what did i see? not only a group of drunk people, but one of the girls, who could barely walk, fall over and bust her ass on the concrete! seriously it was one of the funniest things i've seen in a while. so i call brittnay over. "You gotta come see this, these people are wasted off there ass, literally, she just busted her shit!" haha. so brittnay comes over to the window just in time to see some drunk dude whip his shit out and piss a huge ass puddle in the middle of the parking lot. he wasn't near a car or bush or anything. just damn straight in the middle of the lot. fucking hilarious. that's all. honestly, i hate drunks half the time but when you can watch from afar and not get into shit with them, it's funny as hell.

Brittnay and jake then go to bed and i am left to myself with tv and the sounds of the busy street blarring in from the open window. now normally i would close the window to reduse the sound but i was too damn warm to do so. so i left it open. that night i kept being awoken by drunk civilians in the parking lot, buses and traffic, and some dumb ass guy plasting old 80's music from his car at like 2am. honestly he had the doors to his car closed and it sounded like the stereo was right by my ear. he opened the door and it sounded like i was at a fucking concert. i couldn't believe how loud it was. damn drunks.

finally the madness died down and i returned to sleep. i awoke the next morning to brittnay clapping. "i told you i was going to get you up early!" 8 A.M. haha. i couldn't believe it. so woke up and began cutting Jake's hair, as promised. We hung around the apartment for a little while before heading out to the bus stop, to venture up to the mall. sitting on the park bench, we waited for the bus which seemed to last for about a half hour. we sat there, talked about polution and water bottles and cars and gas and what have you. happened to spot a guy i've seen playing bike Polo ride by on his sweet fixed gear. for those of you who don't know what a fixed gear is, it is a bike that has only one gear and you control the breaking with your pedals. kind of like a littles kid bike where you have to motion your pedals backwards to break. only on a fixed gear you can actually bike/pedal backwards.

anyway the bus arrives and i try to get on with jake's buspass but this bus driver is smarter and asks to see the picture. "damnit" i thought to myself. "it's my friend's but it's okay i've got money on me" so i whip out $2 and shove it in the slot. i felt my gut just drop and headed back to sit down where brittnay was. we both laughed at the fact that for the first time i got caught. see i've done this plenty in the winter months and i had never been caught. i guess it just takes a witty driver to figure that one out. but no biggy. i was getting used to having to pay for the busses. i should really get a bus pass.

so brittnay and i walked around the mall, i bought a few things, nothing too special. we ran into my buddy PJ in by the food court. i pushed him in the shoulder and asked him where he was last night, PJ was supposed to go to Chris's reading but instead had to work. So finished up at the mall, headed back to the apartment where i ended up helping brittnay with her laundry. we hung out in the laundry mat for about an hour or more before taking all of her non-folded clothes back up to her apartment. it was about time for me to leave, i had call my mom to come get me, cause yes i still don't have a car or license at the age of 19. my ma brought my dad along and we took brittnay to the store before heading down to 5th & National to eat at La Perla's MMMMmmmmm. But that was pretty much my weekend. I got home around 6pm or so Sunday and sat around my house the rest of the night.

Well that's my story i guess there's not much else to it. but yeah... this is really long and if you've read all of this you deserve a cookie or something, which i don't have. sorry.

but hey! i love my boss! he's a really cool guy and i suggest you all go see him speak sometime. i don't think you'll be dissappointed. later!

Sep. 16th, 2007

.a life deliberate. (part one)

ok so my weekend was pretty close to amazing.

So i woke up early saturday morning to finish my laundry, do some banking, and get packed for my weekend in Milwaukee. Packing really just consists of my throwing all the crap i need(toothbrush, book, wallet, extra shirt, ipod, camera & "funpack" aka my drawing supplies) into a backpack. no biggy. so after packing the rest of the morning i sat around and folded clothes until i could catch a ride down to mke. i got to the campus around 2 or so and dropped my blanket off by brittnay, who was working in the union. i then ventured off to Bayshore to hit up the Barnes and Noble. If you ever wanna find me in one, you'll find me either by "culture studies" or the art sections. i don't think i venture anyother spot while i'm there. anyway i figured i had about two hours to mozy around before having to catch a bus to Wisconsin Ave. my "boss" was doing a reading at 6pm at MOCHA. so i grabbed the books i selected and headed to the checkout round 3 or so. then continued my way to the bayshore stop to wait for the bus i would be taking back to oakland ave.

while waiting among a few others i noticed a very beatdown looking man. i don't know if he was homeless or just didnt take care of himself, but what i did know is that he had a huge wet spot between his legs. i don't know if he had been walking around all day and got hot and began to sweat there but i'm pretty sure that it was piss. i felt so embarrassed for this guy, i can only imagine how he felt. and on top of that no one would stand near him. man...

well on a lighter note the bus arrived so i paid my fare, i should really get a bus pass, and enjoyed the ride back up to oakland avenue, listening to Funeral Oration all the way. i was really hungry so i stopped at Noodles & Co. for some food. Love that place. Finished up my plate and just as i was walking out the building, the 15 bus whizzes by. DAMNIT! so i begin walking the so many mile journey to downtown Milwaukee. After getting passed by yet another 15 bus i decided that after the next few bus shanties i'll take a squat. so i pass North Ave., pass the bridge, and finally see a shanty at the top of the hill, right infront of some kind of Church. So i took a squat and sat there probably for a half hour or so.

the next 15 finally arrived at i believe 4:45 or so. i hopped on and continued my journey up to water & wisconsin. Jumped off the bus a block too late when i saw that i had just passed wisconsin ave. so i take the river walk back over to wisconsin and continue walking down the street past borders, past mocha which i happened to not even see out of the corner of my eye. i was too busy staring at the Riverside Theatre haha. well i kept walking and noticed that the numbers on the buildings were getting bigger. go figure. so i cross the street, weaving thru stopped traffic and start heading back down towards the lake front. then BOOM there i see it, MOCHA. all i could do was shake my head and proceed inside to get a nice hot cup, or more, of soy latte. i was freezing at this point, for some reason it decided to get really chilly while i was walking the street.

i sat around for about 10 minutes before Rod, the manager, came over to me to tell me that a speaker was coming in and would be talking in the area i was sitting, i nodded and responded with a "yeah i know, i'm one of his interns". haha, he stood up straight and smiled, replied with a "well then you're in one of the best seats" and he continued on his way. i pulled out my book and read a few pages before noticing a few young ladies looking around, walking in and out of the coffee shop, i figured they were here for Chris. they were. they continued to pace around and finally sat down with cups of whatever the ordered. still no sign of Chris. so a few more girls show up and i'm put at more of an ease. i was freaking out for a while there thinking not many were going to show up. finally ROD came over to tell us Chris was on his way, a little lost, but on his way. Quarter too finally comes around and in walks Chris with his girlfriend and a huge suitcase, full of merch, books, and what-have-you.

okay before i go on i have to stop for a bit. i must get ready and head to work. i'll finish this story tomorrow if i remember. later haters!


just wait...

you'll see.

Sep. 14th, 2007

i suck

(this is all a little delayed, an "up to speed" post)

What a low blow...

"Pushing you away? When were you ever close?"

Once again I let myself get shit on by someone I thought I cared about, whom "cared" for me in return. Funny thing is, those words shut down the part of my brain that made me feel I "needed" him in my life. Yeah I still want to work things out, but I realize I don't need it to.

Its funny how quick some certain actions/happenings can just turn you off. Since he said that, I no longer think about him as much or go to bed at night wanting him there, its strange. For the longest time I wanted to believe that I'd end up with him around and now I just don't "see" it. I don't see much of anything anymore.


I'm trying to start out fresh, work on other relationships in my life. Get my life going. Get a license, a car, sign up for a few classes, house search. It'll be soooo nice to have a place of my own, a fresh start, no clutter/stress. And to travel again will be soooo nice, just to get away for a bit. Even if its only for a few days.
...and to think I just got another raise, AND still hardly spend my money, equals savings!

(More to add after I get some sleep)

Aug. 19th, 2007

SO LONG SWEET SUMMER... link crazy

so today is a rainy day so i've decided to pretty much update this thing. i haven't been on here all summer pretty much so i have tons for you to read up on.

as i said before i was chosen as an intern for DeadxStop Publishing Company and Christopher Gutierrez. it's been an expeirence. lots of work with no time to do it, my fault on having too much on my plate in the first place. (full-time jobs are kinda bummy) anyways... Christopher is back on the road once again, reading from 'A Life Deliberate'. Below i have the official tour poster and tour dates for August and September's "MAKE YOUR MARK" Tour. Come stop by and hangout with Chris. He'll give out hug's and talk it up with everyone after each showing.

for venues and all the info and updates you need check out the blogs and Chris's Page.

July 28th, 2007
Myself, Brian, Brittnay, & Jake went to "HAIR AT THE FAIR". other's were supposed to come along but bailed. anywho watched 80's hairbands including Slaughter, Skid Row, and Vince Neil(Motley Crue). It was a blast of a night. Mostly. If it hadn't been for seeing a certain someone walk by. (little do you know there's more to that story. see below.) anyways it was an awesome night just walking around with some amazing people. afterwards brian and i watched B.I.K.E and went for a late night 1 am bike ride around my town. it's the best time to ride.

(skid row stage)

July 31th, 2007
Warped Tour Milwaukee, WI
Amazing. that's all i can really said. i have tons of pictures to prove it. i have a short list of bands i went to see, and that's only cause the ones on my list are the only ones, i think, are worth to spend my money on. Bad Religion, Tiger Army, The Unseen, Lower Class Brats, Bayside, MXPX(early years) and some other random bands. All a good time. So I have to tell ya, getting up at 7am to hop a bus at 8 something to get down to milwaukee was completely worth it. i can't believe i almost stayed home and almost wasted a vacation day from work. i met a lot of amazing people including Mike Vallely, Marty & Bones of LCB, Jay & Brian of Bad Religion, and the guys of Tiger Army & Mxpx. Tanisha thanks for hanging out!

(click the pic for more)


August 3rd, 2007???
Josh's Birthday Hang in Madison.
Brian waited for me to get off of work then we drove down to Madison to hangout/spend the night. It was fun. Just me and a bunch of dudes as always. Got to sleep on a hardwood floor, that's always fun. NOT! haha stayed up til' 4 or so, crashed out, woke up and everyone else was still sleeping. so i read my book until Eric got up. Him, Q, and the SFN kid decided to go to EARWAX(a local punk/metal record shop) down on state street. Eric offered a ride along so i went. didn't buy anything but did some browsing. afterwards we headed back and they dropped me off at the house to and waited til' the other boys got back. they all went to the mall to get something to eat. i on the other hand didn't eat anything. so we all walked down to the PDQ for some gas station food. yeah... it's always to have that thrown into your diet. anyway brian and i hung around the house for a bit and finally decided to head back home. grabbed the old schwinn i was supposed to pick up a long time ago and brian threw it on his top rack so i could get it home. oh yeah... it was raining. blah. the car ride home was fun. we listened to Nerf Herder almost the whole way home. that always brings some good laughs.

so there were other days in between june and now that things went down but i'm not sure where they fit anymore. my days pretty much blend together. um... oh that's right i have a story to tell you. it's a short story cause there's not much to know and certain things from the past week actually cancel it all out. so... the fair. i saw and old flame walk by. things between us were really sucky that month. pretty much i was being ignored. and i can't stand when people ignore you and don't let you know why they're doing so. so anyway, instead of going up to him and just kept walking. see... it was his birthday and the following day he was leaving for LA to go to school. and myself i didn't want to cause any drama by going up to him giving him a piece of my mind. so yeah... i kept walking and just got more and more angry. so only the way home i sent him a text message. my bad. it read: "fuck you. have fun in LA. wisconsin could use one less cock sucking asshole". now, my friends don't think it was a bad thing. they actually liked that i finally said something to him. see they don't like him cause he "hurt me". well a few minutes afterward i felt really bad that i sent that. no one wants to hear something like that on their birthday night. so when i was alone and at home the next night i sent him a message again. "i fucked up". of course he responded but not the way i thought he would. he came back with a "we both did". so it settled me a lot.

since then we've started talking a lot more, and we're actually back on a more friendly basis. (some of you don't wanna hear that but oh well) seriously all those months of fighting really hit me. he's an amazing person and i don't wanna lose him like i've lost some of my other friends. honestly we've been through a lot and to say we're still talking is a huge accomplishment. on another note, he's moving back. so hopefully we'll work on this friendship thing some more.

so all this brings us to this weekend. yesturday i took a short roadie with my parents and little brother. we went up to Sheboygan and bummed around, honestly there looks like a lot to do there but there really isn't. we stopped for lunch at a place called the MUCKY DUCK. please... whatever you do, do not waste your money or stomach on that place. the food sucks. and after eating it i felt so sick. my stomach is still paying the cost.

other than that we did a little shopping and then headed back. i got home watched some of the packers game and then amanda stopped to pick me up. me, amanda, brittnay, jake, aaron, and glenn all went to the WB to do some bowling. it was fun. it's bowling so you can't really say anything more. after bowling we all went to WEBBS for some "yummy" food. i felt even worse after eating there so i headed home. a huge tree branch fell in my street so i had to get out of the car, into the rain, and push it out of the way so we could get down to my house. so that's about it for the night. laid in bed, watched the gymnastics nationals and talked to gage for a bit before crashing out.

now today all i can really do is hang around my parents house and help clean. i don't have much of anything else to do but, update my pages and do some artsy stuff i guess.

well i don't really have much else to talk about so i'm going to head out.
have a great fall.
i'll be on here more hopefully.
i say that a lot but i'll try to mean it this time.
the next few months should be eventful.

- Rachel

ps. TASM BIKE FORCE is official a bike group. well sort of.
my good guy friend asked me and i turned him down, for known reasons.
and i don't know... DIY!!!!

****oh and i might be buying a house come winter/spring.****

Jun. 25th, 2007


Saturday night was the Garage Show. Awesome bands but a lot of lame people with no heart. And I say that because it seems(mostly true) that kids now of days aren't at local shows for the "community" and music. Only a selected handful of the people there last night were actually there for the music and the message behind it. They were the only ones who actually live by the words being sung or at least have the knowledge to know what's being said. It just really gets to me when I see a bunch of people oblivious to everything going on around them. Like the girls standing around or sitting on the couches. I doubt a single one of them could say "Hey, that's SS Decontrol!" The only reason those girls were there(not counting the WB girls) was because they either wanted to impress some guy or because their friend didn't want to go alone. It's complete bullshit. Honestly.

And I'm not just going to rat on the girls cause it's not just them I have a problem with. A few of the guys there to do the same shit. No one wants to get to know the people they see at every damn show, the people in their "community". It's honestly a complete bummer though that none of these people care about who or what's going on around them. The bigger issues. Like genocide in third world countries or the starving kids on our local side-streets and allies. The all much rather sit around and complain about how shitty their job is, the gas prices, or how completely fucked there parents are. If you got just a shitty job, or shitty parents for that fact, or hate that gas prices are so high fucking do something about it. Move on, move out, get your lazy ass a bike, worry about what really matters in life. Life itself.

Which brings me to the INFO TABLE. The first info table and only info table I've seen at a Hartford show. If it wasn't for Nate bringing it from West Bend, I doubt anybody from Hartford would have cared to set one up. And It's amazing how many people stop reading & learning after leaving High School. Again probably a selected few actually care to pick up a book about anything important these days. Again it's complete bullshit. I don't think these kids understand that if they want to change something all they have to do is pick up a book, learn, then go out and change whatever it is you "care" so strongly about.

Other than the handful of kids who are complete bullshit(not I've used that phrase billions today) the bands and music were amazing. Rip It Out & Beg For More did great. Versus the West were awesome. I haven't seen them before this show but heard a lot about them from Gage(west bend). They're funny guys too might I add. SFN fucking amazing. First time seeing them live as well and I'm proud to say I wasn't dissapointed.

PROPS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: Nate, for bringing the INFO Table. Ben, for almost going head first through the side of the garage. Maloney, for getting knee'd in the balls(ouch) and jumping off of everything. & Hinkley, for losing his shoes in the "pit". AMAZING NIGHT EVERYONE. I had fun getting sat on by all of you crazy ass boys.

So about my phone disability. I dropped my kick into a public toilet last night at a theatre in the falls. BUMMER! So It's dry and all that but certain buttons(not meant for the volume control) set off my volume. It's annoying. Hopefully I get it fixed or replaced soon. It still works though for the most part.
Alright I'm off to work now. Catch all you later.

Jun. 21st, 2007

holy heartburn batman

Tapatío sauce in large amounts will do that to you, well at least it does for me.
Wow. I've completely blanked out. I don't remember what I came on here to rant about. Oh well. I'll rant in the morning. Night.

Jun. 13th, 2007


okay... so in the past few weeks tons of things have gone down.

First off: I applied for an internship with the DeadXStop Publishing Company. And GOT THE INTERNSHIP!! Exciting. So for the past week I've been promoting Christopher Gutierrez's book tour, the Live Deliberate Tour, and working on the assignments they've been handing me.

[flyers i've made so far]

Second thing is that I'm putting a BIKE TEAM/GROUP together in the midwest area to bike for certain causes, one mainly being cancer awareness. I'll for sure have more information on that later and maybe a webpage/myspace for it. It'll be for the ladies mostly but the men will be able to tag along and be a part as well. Should be fun. I'm hoping to make it a year wide thing with random activities every month or so. I'll keep you all updated on that one. Hopefully it all becomes something amazing.

3rd. My cousin was in an accident, he flipped his truck 7 times and some how survived it, made it out with a few cuts and scrapes. LUCKY BOY.

Fourth thing is that SFN will be playing the GARAGE with a few local bands and friends of mine. It will be soooooo amazing. Cannot wait until JUNE 23rd.

Fifth? My buddy got kicked out of her house so I offered her a place to squat, she has yet to squat, well she did showered here today. Still...

Oh, Sixth, Ben found me some bikes!! Hopefully things will work out and I'll have one once again. FIXED GEAR 4 REALS!

I'm sure there is tons more I could write about but I'm drawing blanks right now...

The fucking city finally finished the front of my drive way. no more parking on the damn street.
Well that's all I got for now, I'll be sure to write more this week. I'll have the time I'm sure.

May. 25th, 2007


(rough copy:more to add)

Ok so last night I skipped work and went to Milwaukee with Josh & Ben to see Propaghandi play at the Miramar. Honestly I don't regret losing $104 by not going to work, it was such an amazing show. Plus I got to hang out with two really good friends, see some people I haven't seen since high school, chow down some amazing chinese food and reunite with Gage for a few minute chat. Oh man I miss that boy. It was so weird seeing him. Afterward it all felt like it never happened, its always brief moments with that kid. I hardly ever see him.

Okay back to the show. Simply amazing. That's all I can really say. There's just something about seeing a room of people fists raised, yelling at the top of there lungs, smiling and having an amazing time. The dancing coming from Gage, his brother and the rest of the WB crew was non-stop entertainment, they all looked like kids in a candy shop. Piggy-back rides & high fives were plenty haha.


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